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I’d love to go to England or maybe France.

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→ Juliet Hartman • 22 •  Human • Artists • FC: Katie Cassidy 



  • Surname is of French decent, eighth generation immigrant. Family immigrated in 1760s.

Juliet was one of those artist who poured her heart and soul into her music. The lyrics she wrote were strong, and moving but the sadness behind them were always in plain sight. Every song she had ever written was based on a personal experience though she would never tell anyone that. Growing up Juliet had had a rough life. Her father walked out on  her, and her mom when she was only three and the pressure to raise a child on her own was too much to be take for her mother; which resulted in her mother taking her own life. Juliet was sent to live with her Aunt Michelle, where she met one of the most amazing man on the face of planet earth. He promised her the world, and then walked out on her after she had given him everything of her. The only escape was her music and that was something she was very good at.

  • Has no idea of the supernatural existence. 
  • She tends to distance herself from anyone, no matter who they are. 


After the many let downs in her life Juliet had decided it was better to shut herself off from everyone. She rarely talked to anyone, but when she did she put on a fake smile and pretended everything was alright. Early on she had learned it wasn’t right to blame people for others mistakes so she would try to let her guard down around people but her trust issues were to major to conquer over. An insanely sweet girl who has just had a tough past is who she was. At times she could turn into a real bitch not caring what anyone would say or think about her actions, but she normally liked to keep that side to her buried and tucked away. All she wanted was to move on from the state she was in and be happy again.


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